McGarvey Septs of Ulster


McGarvey/Garvey Sept Coat of Arms.

MacLysaght who was the first Chief Herald under the Government of Ireland (post 1921) designated many Gaelic families who had arms pre dating the creation of the office of the King of Arms as having "Sept Arms" that could be used, undifferentiated, by anyone who genuinely descended from that Sept. Of note in his book "More Irish Families" there is an article by MacLysaght on these Gaelic Septs and their Arms and he includes Garvey as one of the Clans to hold a Sept Arms.
FURSThe mere fact that a shield or crest contains furs suggests a mark of dignity. Usually the fur coat of the weasel is represented.

Protection; Builders or others who have accomplished some work of faithful service

Gules (Red) Warrior, Martyr, Military Strength

Cross Formee (Pattee)

Military honour

Faith; Christianity; Service in the Crusades

Gules (Red) Warrior, Martyr, Military Strength

                       Ermine SpotErmine SpotMark of dignity


Passant Guardant

Dauntless courage, or a great Warrior or Chief

Gules (Red) Warrior, Martyr, Military Strength

       MottoMorior InvictusMore wonderful unconquered

John Garvey' Coat of Arms.





Arms of (O’)Garvey of Murisk Abbey Mayo

 Granted 1567 to John Garvey Dean of Christ Church Cathedral Dublin.

Garvey of Murisk Abbey in Co. Mayo - this family originally O'Garvey split in two, the protestant branch remaining in Murisk and acquiring arms from the KIng of Arms in Dublin in 1567, the other branch migrated to Spain where they became part of the Spanish nobility and are today members of the Royal Court there. This is what Burke's says about them:

The family of GARVEY has been associated with Murrisk for at least five hundred years. JOHN GARVEY, the son of JOHN O'GARVEY of Morisk (evidently a corruption of Murrisk), Co Mayo, received a grant of arms from the Ulster Office in 1567; he was Dean of Christ Church, Dublin 1565, Bishop of Kilmore 1585, and Bishop of Armagh and Primate of Ireland 1590-94; died 2 March 1594. Another JOHN GARVEY appears as High Sheriff, Co Mayo 1641-2, and is mentioned as the rescuer of Viscount Mayo when a party of Protestant refugees from Castlebar who were travelling under that nobleman's safe conduct were massacred at the bridge of Shrule, Co Galway (13 Feb 1642, n.s.). A branch of the GARVEYS of Murrisk, of whom representatives still survive, migrated to England and settled chiefly in Lincs. Another branch of the family, descended from Patrick Garvey, the brother of the Archbishop of Armagh (as above), settled in Spain, and is now represented by Count Patricio Garvey y Gonzalez de la Mota, a Chamberlain to HM the King of Spain. JOHN GARVEY, the founder of the Spanish Garveys, driven from Ireland by the severity of the Penal Laws against Roman Catholics, served as an officer in the Spanish army during the latter half of the 18th century; his descendants acquired great wealth as vine-growers, and were advanced to the rank of nobility as the Counts Garvey. Owing to the destruction of the family records by fire, a connected account of the descent of the Murrisk property cannot be carried back further than 1855. 

Information provided by Dr. James O'Higgins-Norman from Burkes Peerage.

Garvey Of Porthill Coat of Arms

Arms of Garvey of Porthill Staffordshire, England.

 Decended from the O’Garveys of Ireland.


 JOSEPH GARVEY; born 1824; married 1851, Cecilia McDonagh (born 1826; died 1890). He died 1894, leaving a son,


PATRICK SAMUEL GARVEY, Governor of HM Prisons, Wellington, NZ; born 9 Feb 1852; married 14 Feb 1878, Amy Mary (died 14 Sept 1890), daughter of William Paul James, of Lyttelton, NZ, by his wife Cecilia Hely, descended from a cadet branch of the Hely-Hutchinsons (see BURKE'S Peerage). He died 6 July, 1906, leaving issue,

1a •PATRICK JOSEPH FELIX, now of The Oaklands.

2a •Francis Paul; born 1881; educated St Patrick's College, Wellington, NZ

3a •Arthur Leonard (265, Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW); born 1883; educated St Patrick's College, Wellington, NZ, and has issue, three sons.

4a Kevin Bartholomew; born 1890; educated St Patrick's College; served in Great War, and died from effects of service 1925.

1a •Gertrude; born 1887; married -Mitchell, Lt A.I.F. (died of wounds in Great War), and has issue, one s.

2a •Amy Josephine; born 1885; married •-Mills, and has issue, one daughter

Residence-The Oaklands, Porthill, Wolstanton, Staffs.


Information provided by Dr. James O'Higgins-Norman from Burkes Peerage.

Extracts from Burke's Armory and Fairbairns Book of Crests