Fun Stuff in Ireland Fun Stuff in Ireland Jameson Museum, Dublin You have to go for a tour. 198025508 Jameson Museum, Dublin 198025509 Jameson Museum, Dublin The floor is glassed so you can walk over some of the former excavated building. 198025510 Jameson Museum, Dublin There is a Bar and a nice Gift Shop. 198025511 Jameson Museum, Dublin 198025512 Jameson Museum, Dublin Whiskey and its ages. 198025513 Jameson Museum, Dublin 198025514 198025515 198025516 The Celt Pub, inside We had a couple of nights of good fun here. 198025517 The Celt Pub, Dublin The first nights entertainment. 198025518 The Celt Pub, Dublin 198025519 The Lotts Pub, Dublin 198025520 Drury Inn Dublin 198025521 Viking Museum 198025522 Viking Museum 198025523 The Celt Pub 198025524 The Celt Pub 198025525 The Celt Pub 198025526 The Celt Pub 198025527 The Celt Pub 198025528 The Celt Pub Entertainment on the second night. 198025529 The Celt Pub 198025530 Temple Bar Area A lot of Pubs here. 198025531 Temple Bar Area 198025532 Guinness Definitely a stop along the way. 198025533 Guinness 198025534 Guinness 198025535 Guinness 198025536 Guinness 198025537 Guinness The Guinness Harp. 198025538 Guinness 198025539 Guinness 198025540 Guinness The look out at the top of Guinness 198025541 Guinness Learning how to pour the perfect pint 198025542 Guinness My Perfect Pint compared to the one behind. 198025543 Guinness Old Fermentation Tubes are now part of the Cafeteria. We had lunch while sitting in one of these. Very cool. 198025544 Guinness Another one of the Bars in the Guinness Building 198025545 Guinness 198025546 Coach Rides outside Guinness You have to go for a Coach ride. The price was reasonable. 198025547 Coach Ride 198025548 Coach Ride 198025549 Coach Ride 198025550 Maguires of Tara Remember as far as anyone knows, we are all normal here. (Great Sign) 198025551 Maguires of Tara Very nice lunch and reasonable. There is also a gift shop. 198025552 The Royal Hotel Cookstown 198025553 Cookstown Council Chambers 198025554 Cookstown Council Chambers 198025555 Cookstown Council Chambers You will find James McGarvey on here. When we were in Cookstown James was retiring after serving 30 years on council. James and his wife Margaret were excellent hosts. 198025556 Cookstown Council Chambers 198025557 Jacks Bar, Derry. We had a great lunch here. 198025558 Jacks Bar, Derry. No one under 25 allowed in after 6:00pm 198025559 Jacks Bar, Derry. 198025560 The Metro Bar, Derry 198025561 The Dungloe Bar, Derry 198025562 Fitzroy's, Derry 198025563 Bushmills Definitely a stop. A stop for a whiskey before going to the Causeway. 198025564 Bushmills 198025565 Bushmills 198025566 Bushmills 198025567 Bushmills 198025568 Bushmills 198025569 Bushmills Certainly more product than what we see here in Canada. 198025570 Bushmills Restaurant 198025571 Bushmills 198025572 Bushmills 198025573 Bushmills 198025574 Bushmills 198025575 The Giants Causeway 198025576 The Giants Causeway 198025577 The Giants Causeway 198025578 The Giants Causeway 198025579 The Giants Causeway 198025580 The Giants Causeway 198025581 The Giants Causeway 198025582 The Giants Causeway 198025583 The Giants Causeway 198025584 The Giants Causeway 198025585 The Giants Causeway, The Nook 198025586 The Giants Causeway, The Nook 198025587 Ice Warf Restaurant, Derry They do have a lot of different kinds of beer here. 198025588 Titanic Museum, Belfast An absolutely amazing Museum. 198025589 Titanic Museum, Belfast 198025590 Titanic Museum, Belfast 198025591 Titanic Museum, Belfast 198025592 Titanic Museum, Belfast There is an Edward McGarvey on the list. 198025593 Marina, Belfast 198025594 Rockie's Bar, Belfast A very Canadian Hockey Theme 198025595 Rockie's Bar, Belfast 198025596 Rockie's Bar, Belfast And Yes, a picture of Bobby Orr. 198025597 Belfast 198025598 Belfast 198025599 McHugh's Pub, Belfast Great Irish Stew. 198025600 McHugh's Pub, Belfast 198025601 McHugh's Pub, Belfast 198025602 McHugh's Pub, Belfast 198025603 McHugh's Pub, Belfast A very nice ceiling. I guess it is for those that end up flat on their back so they have something nice to look at. 198025604 McHugh's Pub, Belfast 198025605 Pete's Bar, Dublin They had a number of Powers Whiskey hangings. Powers Whiskey is an excellent whiskey. 198025606 The Celt, Dublin 198025607 The Celt, Dublin 198025608